"Provide justice for the needy and the fatherless; uphold the rights of the oppressed and needy." Psalm 82:3

The Jerry House


       The Jerry House is a foster home that serves children with special needs.  Currently, there are four children who live there full time.  Three are special needs children ranging from 1 - 4 years old and were abandoned long term in the public hospital.  


   Jerry, has cerebral palsy, and was thrown in the trash by his father only to have then been left in a hospital bed for one and a half years.  He deteriorated to eleven pounds even though he was somewhere between three and four years old.  
     Jedidiah, was abandoned the day he was born.  He was born with microcephaly and anthrogymosis and therefore has side effects of seizures.  His mother wanted him but the family talked her in to leaving him there.  He also, laid in a bed for almost 8 months until One Gift, One Child rescued him.
     Fernando is around 4 years old (age unknown) and has Autism.  He was abandoned in Deschapelle at the hospital for 7 months until put in to an orphanage that never wanted him because of his disability.  He would eat his feces, bite anyone near him and refused to walk.  After one week of being in our home, he began to walk.  With sensory and therapy, he is learning to sign and is a happy child all the time.  He never bites and his behavioral issues have cleared up.  He is one special boy. 


Stanley was a street kid after his mom died and had no father.  His siblings went to be with their biological father but he was unwanted.  After living with an aunt who beat him and practiced witchcraft, he ran away to live on the streets.  Another ministry brought him to us and asked us to help shelter him.  He ended up staying and is a big brother to Jerry, Jedidiah and Fernando.  They adore him. 


The Jerry House has hired single mothers who have children with special needs.  These are women who live in OGOC's neighborhood, and could not work due to their children's disability.  If they do work, their children are left alone every day and therefore are subject to abuse from others.  One Gift, One Child has offered these women jobs, trainings and also provide physical therapy, nutrition and community programs for their children.  Go to 'Meet our kids' to see all the children in The Jerry House Program.