"Provide justice for the needy and the fatherless; uphold the rights of the oppressed and needy." Psalm 82:3



   In being asked to take over an abandoned property, One Gift One Child knew that reaching the neighborhood was essential to moving forward.  The old building that is currently owned by another ministry, had been used as an abortion clinic for many years.  Thousands of babies were murdered back when the building used to be a clinic.  After the 2010 earthquake, Doctors without Borders used the building as an emergency cholera clinic.  In the last few years, the local gangs of St. Marc took over and lived inside the empty rooms.  The building was used for prostitution, drugs and violence.  One Gift, One Child prayed over the property for a year and a half before the right time came to take it over.  After the hurricane in September 2016, the property flooded and the gang guys moved out.  It was perfect time to take over and begin renovation on a very broken building. 

   Now it is a place of LIFE, RESTORATION and REDEMPTION.  Different ministries are taking place inside the walls of what used to be a very dark place.  140 children come every week to Saturday's EXPERIENCE Children's Ministry.  Sunday mornings the neighborhood shows up for a worship service that is open to all different kinds of people.  Throughout the week, there is a basketball ministry ran for the local men and youth of the neighborhood.  Lastly, the women of the Lame Kase are starting their very first discipleship class where they will be taught to be empowered while living in IDENTITY and FREEDOM.  Click the links to find out more information on each segment of ministry going on in the Lame Kase Outreach. 

    The building is being prepped to be a transition/counseling home for abusive and corrupt orphanages being shut down by the government.  One Gift, One Child is preparing for their first set of children this year and working on developing the program which will allow these children a safe place to heal while integrating into the discipleship programs at Lame Kase.  The most lost, forgotten, overlooked, poor and abused children are being reached. What has been broken is being restored.  Redemption is the theme of this property.