"Provide justice for the needy and the fatherless; uphold the rights of the oppressed and needy." Psalm 82:3

Physical Donations

Physical Donations

Physical donations include backpacks, tennis shoes, flip flops, school supplies, clothing, etc. All donations are distributed between the 2 orphanages that One Gift, One Child is partnering alongside in Haiti. They are personally distributed by the Charlotins throughout the year.

You Can Help!

Fundraising Goals:

  1. Portable generator (needed to run sound and music for all outreaches done in Haiti)
  2. Large generator (7000 watts or higher)
  3. An inverter
  4. 12-15 passenger van or bus to transport orphanage kids
  5. $4500 for solar power (necessary to save hundreds of dollars a month on gasoline)
  6. $5300 to ship a ministry vehicle donated (save on gas and mountain ready)
  7. $50,000 to buy land for our base, housing for staff and for orphanage #2
  8. $75,000 to build the necessary housing on the base property
  9. Monthly support increased by $2500 a month (both orphanages run out of food every week, gasoline is $5-$7 a gallon
    taking a large part of our budget, medical emergencies, hire staff for both orphanages to decrease abuse and neglect.)

In 2015 we were given:  

  • 8 inverter batteries (approximately $1600) 
  • over 1000 pairs of shoes flip flops
  • 74 backpacks that supplied 74 orphans to go to school this year
  • $8000 to pay for our house for a year (in Haiti you pay upfront for the entire year)

In 2014 we were given:

  • Nissan Pathfinder in Haiti
  • Portable sound system


*All physical donations of items such as vehicles, generators, sound systems or other needed items will be tax deductible through Commission to Ey Nation. Please contact CTEN at 830-896-8326 if you are interested in donating these needed items for One Gift, One Child. 

All Physical Donations can be Shipped to: 

One Gift, One Child
3170 Airmans Drive 
Fort Pierce, Fl   34946

*Please remember we have to pay $1.60 per pound from Florida to Haiti and then up to 20% customs.  Any donations to help with shipping is important.  Email info@onegiftonechild.org when a large shipment is going to come.  OGOC may have a team coming that can assist in bringing down larger items. 

All Monetary Donations can be Made here...