"Provide justice for the needy and the fatherless; uphold the rights of the oppressed and needy." Psalm 82:3

Ministry Projects

  And the Greatest of These is LOVE






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Discipleship Training 

Discipleship. Discipleship is about building relationships, showing love and teaching about the light of Jesus Christ. We know that GOD has a plan for every child, every orphan, every orphanage director and every parent in Haiti. We want the Lord to use us in a mighty way because we know that restoration and redemption is in that plan. God's love heals and through the years we have learned Transformational Prayer Ministry.  We plan to implement TPM and counseling into our relationships and discipleship programs.  Discipleship programs include women's Bible studies, Zion House Bible study and men's Bible studies for the community.  Soccer and Dance teams for the children which also have lessons taught to help disciple them  throughout the week and small group Bible studies every Saturday during children's ministry. 


Foster Care 

Last but not least, we know that partnering with local ministries and Haitian churches is a part of God's beautiful plan. We were not meant to be on this journey alone.  We want to see families able to keep their children instead of surrendering them to orphanages or restavek (slavery) situations. We want to see Haitian families valuing their children and raising orphans like their own.  We stand strong on our vision but we know that God uses all of us to work together to glorify His Kingdom and see the family unit REDEEMED.