"Provide justice for the needy and the fatherless; uphold the rights of the oppressed and needy." Psalm 82:3

                                                      TO FIGHT FOR THOSE WITHOUT A VOICE

One Gift, One Child exists to provide a safe place for children to come and receive healing through love, discipleship and counseling. One Gift, One Child seeks to show value to those who are abused, neglected, thrown away and looked down upon by the Haitian culture.  OGOC has a strong focus on corrupt Haitian orphanages to provide a transition center where orphanages being shut down can come for counseling and discipleship.  These abused children do not have centers or homes to go to before being transitioned home to their families or placed in other orphanages.  This has many aspects but the main goal is to provide EVERY child a safe environment for where they are protected from abuse, trafficking and slavery. If a child cannot be reunited with their family, then a Haitian foster family will be raised up in order to ensure children are in a loving home versus an institution.  We work to empower families to keep their children or take back their children they have given away.  We believe God has a plan to redeem every area of this nation and this is one specific area we are called to. We are working in a community to raise up Haitian families whose lives are being transformed and willing to say YES to loving the least of these. God values every, single child in Haiti.  There is never one that is too lost for God to find. 



    ZION HOUSE is a foster home that has rescued girls out of a corrupt, abusive orphanage.  The girls live with a family so that they will learn a different way of life other than living in an institution.  The girls have been through sexual abuse, physical abuse, slavery and abandonment away from their biological families.  Our goal is to teach them healthy leadership and family living as well as give them a chance to work through their trauma.  Counseling, Discipleship, Education, Family living and community integration are all apart of the Zion House Program.  Many of these girls want to go to university to be a doctor, engineer, nurse and break the family cycle of abandonment in to orphanages.  


    JERRY HOUSE is a foster home that is currently fostering 4 children.  Three of the children (ages 1-4 years old) have a disability and were abandoned in local hospitals ranging from 7 months to 1.5 years each.  They laid in a hospital bed untouched, while they became more severely malnourished.  After One Gift, One Child rescued Jerry, they were moved to begin a disability ministry in St. Marc.  This home now employs 6 women (3 of whom have special needs children) and has become a support group of moms.  This way the women can bring their once neglected child to work with them and still provide for their other children.  They help care for their own children but also the children who are living full time in The Jerry House.  The goal is to allow the moms to become a support group to each other while raising a child in a third world country and very little resources. 
     The Jerry House Therapy Program has a total of 14 children that come every week for therapy, discipleship and support.   Nutrition is provided for those struggling with feeding issues and education classes are given to the moms about their children's disabilities.  This is a way of empowering some of the poorest moms who love their children but are at risk for abandonment.  It is a way to prevent more abandoned orphans and see redemption for these beautiful children's lives. They are changing their families and their community. 

The importance of prayer


  EXPERIENCE MINISTRIES involves Experience Children's Ministry and Experience WORSHIP.  Every weekend One Gift, One Child holds services for the Lamer Kase community.  Once was the most looked down upon neighborhood of St. Marc, is now becoming a place where families are learning value.  Many gang members live in this community and with that comes a lot of drugs, prostitution, abuse and witchcraft.  But through taking over the local center where the gang guys lived, OGOC has built strong relationships with the children and parents of this community.  EXPERIENCE Children's Ministry is every Saturday (in the same building that used to be the gang center) and hosts up to 300-600 children.  It is a service specifically for them where they learn about Jesus, the different aspects of God, scriptures, worship and shown how much they are loved and valued.  
    EXPERIENCE Worship is every Friday night and reaches out to families in the neighborhood.  They can come as they are which means no fancy dresses or specific shoes required to come.  We want our community to EXPERIENCE God's Presence and break the chains of bondage.  Under this area of ministry also includes Bible studies for the women, men and community health classes to teach our community.